Elicenser will not accept my old activation code

Hi all,

After upgrading my PC with new hardware (Motherboard, Ram, Processor) i have had to re install Cubase 8, though it will not accept my old activation code from when i bought it. I am looking for a new one.

I have contacted Steinberg at the weekend yet they have no responded. 3 Days without music production is killing me to say the least. :laughing:

Can someone here help or is this an issue i need to pester them for?


You must be talking about Cubase Elements, correct?

Have you visited your Steinberg account and clicked on Reactivate? This is a self-service thing.

Hi and thanks for the response!

D’oh, i just realised this, currently in the process of re activating.

A couple of issues but we are now up and running. Many thanks for your help Steve, most helpful person at Steinberg!