Does the Elicensor work on multiple machines? I am running Cubase on Windows 7 in Vmware Fusion. I created a Windows 8 machine and the elicenser works in that but stopped working in the Windows 7 machine.
On another note, I’m finding that the UR22 driver has a hard time staying connected in Windows 8.1. I can’t seem to get it working, So I’m trying to go back to the Windows 7 machine but nothing is showing up on the elicenser now.



Are you running VMWare Fusion on Mac or PC? Anyway, I think you need to do a maintenance job on your dongle using the latest eLisence control software. I assume you are a registered user and have your own “My Steinberg” account.

Good luck.

Have you tried removing the dongle, booting up your virtual machine then installing the dongle again before launching Cubase? I had a similar issue on my virtual Windows machine under Parallels but that solved it for me. Of course a maintenance run is always recommended when encountering issues as Ipanema stated.