I think it would be really helpful if the dongle wasn’t constantly being checked to verify it’s there. I do most of my work on my laptop and if it gets jostled cubase immediately detects it’s not there and cause the program to crash which then entails rebooting and wasting a huge amount of time. Why can’t it validate once when you start up the program so you could just remove it while you’re working or if that’s not doable then at least have it checked once every 5 or 10 minutes?

Because if it was validated just once on start of the program it would be easy to pirate the software, the dongle I expect is accessed hundreds if not thousands of times when using Cubase.

What about the way Propellerheads does it then? Internet verification would be nice. It’s not fun to have a laptop with a dongle sticking out when you want to sit on the couch and make music.

Plus it wastes a USB PORT!


What - each and every time you wanted to start the app? NOOOOOOO!


Instead of starting another one of these threads, let’s just add a link to one of the many others…
Here’s a good one.


Just read this and if still not tired of the subject, just go find another one and post the link here.


That’s fair enough, but 1 x thread won’t catch the eye of Steinberg as much as multiple threads.



There is no need to catch Steinberg’s attention on this topic. I am sure they pay very close attention to the state of the USB key and elicenser software. Since there have been so many threads on this I will close this one. Carry on on one of the others.