Hello! I installed my new UR12 Interface on my computer and, I’d like to install the Cubase for free. But when I write to the eLicenser my activation code the program not allow it.(“Currently, there is no eLicenser connected on your computer, which etc.”) I don’t know what is the problem. Please help me! Thanks in advance!

Yeah, I’m not registered on eLicenser but I don’t know how do that, because I installed the latest version, and it isn’t working. Not found my UR12 interface on my computer. I reinstalled four times enough, so I don’t know. Help me please!

You did not list any computer specs…

Is it possible you have the USB elicenser plugged into a USB 3 port? If so try it in a USB 2 port.

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Go to http://www.steinberg.net/en/company/technologies/elicenser.html & click on Latest Downloads. It will walk you through installing the eLicenser Control Center on your hard drive. You need to have either a USB e-Licenser or a Soft e-licenser (which I am looking for from www.steinberg.net right now to connect the eLlicenser Control Center aka eLLC).