Hi all,

I had problems with my Soft E-licenser, which I have now fixed, but Dorico will not find the key I used to start the trial a couple of days ago. I can’t re-download is because it’s already activated, and I can’t use the program because I have to download a key. How do I go about re-activating my key?



Have a look here: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206530004

Thankyou, but I’ve already done all that!

I get as far as reactivating my key, and it tells me the key is already active. When I find my soft-Elicenser in the control panel it tells me there are no keys available for that Elicenser. Essentially I can’t find my one to use it, and I can’t reactivate it because it’s already in use.

Any ideas?

Am just doing it all again now in case I’ve missed anything obvious…

You can’t use a trial activation code more than once: once it’s been activated, that’s it. I will send you a new trial activation code by private message, and you can then try adding that to your eLicenser Control Center and activating it.