eLicensor purgatory

I’m waiting for Yamaha to call me back but meanwhile…

I try to launch Dorico 3.5, which I have done thousands of times, but today it tells me that no license was found. It wants an activation code. I click on enter activation code (I’m not sure which one to use, but it doesn’t matter), but “Fixing relevant file permissions failed.” So I follow the advice to run as administrator

Application " has caused the following error Process with the ID NOT found

I get to click OK to abort.

Four aborts gets me back to enter activation code

Now I get Application “LCC2” has caused the following error" Process with the ID NOT found.

Click OK to abort

I click OK to abort, and I get "Application "Unknown Application has caused the following error:

An unknown interapplication error occurred. In case the problem persists, please close all applications and restart your computer.

Rebooting gets me to repeat all of the above one more time.

Going to MySteinber account, I see there is a reactivate license. Oh, good. So I try that.

It asks me to enter my new Soft eLicensor number. I don’t have one of those.

I try entering my old one and click ‘Reactivate Licence’ nothing happens.
I delete it, and it tells me to enter the new one :frowning:

I have a project due Sunday morning and many hours of work to do on it, so, y’know. This is bad.

Any advice?

Well, after waiting 2 hours for Yamaha to answe the phone, they just disconnected me :frowning:
Their support hours are over at 1 PM my time, I guess. This is just super.

Did you install the newest version of eLicensor? It’s constantly updated.

I don’t see a way to do that using the Download assistant?

sdb2, you might want to try: elicenser | Steinberg

SO update here, I got a code from online support, but the Steinberg servers won’t be online for many hours, at least two. SO that’s five hours of work I’ve lost. This is such a disaster for me, with few projects this year because of the Pandemic… Potential disaster :frowning:

I recommend getting the hardware eLicenser USB key and moving your license to that. I think they’re much more reliable than the Soft eL.

I don’t have any bad experience with the soft eLicenser. But one can read about issues with the USB stick (f.e. once you move your license to the hardware solution, there is no (no) way back).
Also, I understand that sdb2 needs help at this very moment.

I’ve used the USB eLicesner for many years with VSL software/libraries without issues. Even though I don’t use the Soft eL, it gets scrambled up now and then, and produce errors when opening VSL stuff.

Trying to help him not have trouble in the future

I’m really sorry that the ongoing problem with the license server is causing you issues with activating the software. Right now there’s no good workaround because it’s not possible to activate a license without communicating with the server. We’re working on getting the server back up and running just as soon as possible…

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Hi, thank you for the suggestion and sorry for the late reply, I had a rough week :slight_smile:

If I get the hardware eLicenser, then if the servers are down (which was the problem this time), it won’t affect it? It is server independent?

Regardless of whether you have a Soft-eLicenser or a USB-eLicenser, the recent license server outage would affect both kinds equally: namely, you could not activate a new license (or reactivate an old one, or move a license from Soft- to USB-eLicenser, etc.), but any existing licenses carried on working just fine during the outage. It doesn’t matter whether you use the Soft-eLicenser or the USB-eLicenser: once the license is installed on there and activated, you don’t need a connection to the license server at all. It’s only when you are changing (adding, removing, updating, moving) the license that you need a connection to the license server.

Well, just FYI, there was no ‘adding, removing, updating, moving’ going on, other than the usual windows 10 updates and etc.

That’s what happened to me. Windows updated and Dorico wanted activation when I launched it. It wasn’t until the Steinberg server was fixed that the elicenser successfully did a maintenance and found my license.