eLicensor VSTi fatal errors

So sick of this - it’s getting ridiculous. I now have to run the Cleanup every time I open Cubase. Now that doesn’t help. I have to crash out of the program - the dialogue to help is no help - it just freezes. I’m trying to work!! I bought a new dongle which I’m really angry about because now I have 2 of them and Steinberg say they want to get rid of them. Well great. How about you give me my next update for free. I have been buying Cubase and VSTi’s for TWENTY years. Lately the entire thing makes me want to move to Reaper or Logic. Those programs never crash! Cubase crashes on me EVERY day.

HI man,
I have erros from halion 3 too. I’m using reaper and still get similar errors.
My reaper projects crash and DO NOT open. They say no license found or LLC2 error, smth like that.
Steinberg please help us