Elicensor won't accept activation code

The elicensor won’t accept Cubase update from 10.5-11 activation code.

It says the elicensor is an old version and I should update. I update to the latest version on the website ( but the problem persists.


Go into your “My Steinberg” account. Next go to “My Products” and search “Cubase Pro 11 UD 1”
There should be your Activation Code

Hi, put that activation code to Download assistant (up there is a place where to put that code) NOT in elicenser, it works this way there and upgrade your license, just did it myself and now dowloading upgrade files, same time it upgrade you download asistant software :slight_smile:

Cheers Arde

Had the same issue, had to go into My Steinberg to sort it out. as yard said.

Erm … so the Activation code they included in the email wasn’t the correct one. Not the best start.

Thanks for the info!

The activation code was too short it seems.
I got a new email with a proper Cubase code starting with 0240.

Same problem, but Cubase 11 pro isn’t listed under my products for me. Also, I cannot paste the activation code into the register download access code.

eLicesner is useless. Cubase 10.5 is cracked. eLicesner isn’t secure, its just a pain in the rear for loyal customers. Steinberg should use a better system like izotope or plugin alliance. 3 activations (3 machines). no dongle.

HowlingUlf: did you get the new code automatically or have you contact support (just did that).

You need to enter this code in MY Steinberg which then gives you and elicencer activation code

You have to enter your Download Access Code in the "Steinberg Download Assistant’ application. (in the upper left button)
This will give you the Activation Code for eLicensor.


It doesn’t work any more…

We’re wasting time.

They had no problems taking my money. I bet Ableton won’t treat their customers this way.

“Thank you for your patience.”

Thank you for having your stuff together?

Have the same issues since 5 hours now.
paying for something you cant get is not fun.!

My eLicense is acting like I never even owed 10.5 when trying to activate 11. Very Scary! I got no cubase right now :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Same. Really not good enough, loads of people in the same boat and very little explanation from Steinberg…Surely the right thing to do would be make C11 temporarily unavailable to purchase until the rest of us can (that have spent all day trying to sort) activate ours to prevent further queues/delays?


Here is the official statement.

Same problem here. Still not sorted a day after release.
Failure to launch! Seriously un-cool, Steinberg.
I’m especially annoyed as I only upgraded to 10.5 in June

Exact same situation right now. I have a deadline for a client and I can’t open any previous version of Cubase

Keep trying, I got in eventually. Not a great situation but was the only way. Good luck!!