Eligibility for Grace Period?

I purchased a license for Cubase 11 on November 12, 2021. (If needed, I have the order request to show the date of purchase) The grace period for Cubase 12 started 2 days earlier, however when I use my grace period check in the Steinberg Activation Manager, it says I have no licenses eligible for the grace period update. Even after performing online maintenance in the eLicenser Control Center, my license that I purchased during the grace period does not say “Grace Period Eligible”. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue, or is there a reason that I am not eligible for the grace period update?

unfortunately this is probably something for the official Steinberg support

drop them a line - and if you get no response then try back here to see if that jogs somebody from SB to wake up.

Please run the Steinberg Download Assistant. It will automatically update all licensing software. These are the latest version numbers as of today, which you can see by clicking the About button:

Then run the eLicenser Control Center and click the Maintenance button to the top right. If you did activate your license after the grace period started, then your Cubase 11 license should receive the “(Grace Period Eligible)” label.

You can see when your licenses have been activated by clicking the eLicensers tab here:

My eLicenser Control Center was out of date. I updated it to the version listed in your post, and followed your instructions. I still do not see the “(Grace Period Eligible)” label. I purchased the software on November 12th 2021. I believe I activated the software either that day or the day after (I do not know where to find that information exactly).

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Yeah I agree. I’ll be sure to do that, thanks.

You can see the exact date when you activated a product in your Steinberg account.