Eligible for free Grace Period update, but no way to proceed to activation of Dorico 4

I bought and activated Dorico EDU very recently, being told that I will be eligible for upgrading to Dorico 4
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So, today I followed the instructions on that page ( https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/115001891190-How-to-verify-eligibility-for-free-Grace-Period-update- ) and now my Dorico 3.5 is stated as eligible for update.
2022-01-12 19_28_07-eLicenser Control Center (eLC Version

Although, by clicking “maintenance” of elicenser Control center (according to the instructions), no forwarding to a confirmation page happens. So I cannot Click on “Claim Your Grace Period Update Now”.
So I am stuck… :cry:

Don’t worry! Pop along here:

Make sure you click the link for the education version.

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Super! Everything worked fine.
Thank you Daniel for your immediate response!

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