Eliminating Background Noise

Does anyone know of a way to eliminate background noise? I live close to a major street and sometimes I get the sound of a car driving by in my recordings. I tried using gate and compression, but when I get to a level that eliminates the car sound, the vocals disappear also.

Apart from going out and speaking to each driver individually, which would be time consuming, perhaps leave the sounds in the mix. It could become your signature style.

LMAO! When I’m recording music I do leave it in, but my girl records videos for YouTube. And while she says she can’t hear it; I can! And it aggravates the hell out of me! It’s like I’m the only one in the room that can hear the freakin’ fly buzzing!

If you use something like this
along with a directional mic it might work depending on how loud the cars are.

Thanks, Raino. I use a Reflexion Filter when I’m recording vocals for music, but my issue is recording for YouTube videos for my girl. She has a mobile set up that doesn’t allow for a Reflexion Filter. The cars aren’t deafening, but it’s loud enough to be heard. I’m going to switch up mics and play with the gain. Hopefully it works.