eliminating pop/click cubase 5

Does anyone know how I could get rid of the pop on this sample? Have tried compressors, limiters etc with no luck.
Many thanks
TC clip mp3.mp3 (97 KB)

Zoom all the way in till you can see the click, maybe use the vertical zoom slider to expand the wave display if needed.
Then cut out the offending click, move the second part so it overlaps the first by a small amount and crossfade.

most helpful - thank you :slight_smile:

In matter of fact, with the .MP3 example it’s not possible to fix the click with Split’s solution. The problem is spreaded too wide on time.

Maybe this time-spreading is just .MP3 artifact and you’ll be able to fix the problem in your original file. If so (if it’s a really short … say 1 to 3 sample click), another way to deal with it is just open the sample editor, find the location of the click and smooth it out with the pencil tool.


I’ve been a having a similar problem while recording my piano. Though I first suspected this being a mic spike of some sort, it’s actually audible on both channels, so I bet it’s a soundcard issue. Check this out:
In the red area seems to be the area of the click, which I discovered by scrubbing. If necessary I can post an audio file of the click. The problem is: I can’t seem to find exactly where the click happens when I’m so far zoomed in. Can anyone give any tips as to how I can find the click spot or where it might be in the image?

Appreciate it,

no, in actual fact I was able to fix it with Split’s solution but thanks all the same