Eliminating stems from notepads en masse

Is there a way to select a bunch of notes and eliminate their stems completely? I need this function both for aleatoric passages and slash markings for improvisers.
Many thanks!

No, but you can select them individually in Engrave mode and reduce the stems to nothing. I zoom in massively to do it.
A proper way to do it is, I think, on the sooner-rather-than-later list.

I think you can do this by selecting the notes, go into Engrave Mode, turn the Stem adj. switch on and enter -3 1/8. Woosh! Gone! (There may be the tiniest little nub visible when zoomed in closely depending on whether it was an up-stem or down-stem note to begin with or whether or not there is masking going on from a staff or ledger line).

See this topic… 7th response down (from Daniel)



Thanks, everyone!