Elincenser problem

I had to do a roll back of my OS and now my license for Wavelab 8 elements is not on the elicenser. It was an upgrade, so when I try to activate it it says no license to upgrade. It’s needs the license of the version I upgraded from and I have no idea where that is. It came off a cd that came with the CI2 and I have the cd but not the card with the activation code.

Proof I had activated it in the past…

WaveLab Elements 8 Soft-eLicenser 3267559824 01582A23E7

Activation status:Product activated on 06/07/2013 01:17

Thanks for any help…

Have you tried installing (or "Re"installing, in your case) the latest eLCC and then doing a reactivation through your MySteinberg account?