Elisenser problem with Nuendo 11 (solved)

Hello all,
I upgraded to Nuendo 12 this morning on my Windows 10 desktop DAW and the license update was seamless. However, I noticed a couple of things:

I travel with a MacBook Pro laptop and typically bring the eLicenser dongle with me when I do.

  1. My eLicenser dongle with the updated Nuendo 11>12 license no longer works on my MacBook Pro for an already-installed Nuendo 11.0.41. The Mac says it cannot find the license. I would prefer to use this previous version due to the 2015 Mac’s age.

  2. As a test, I found that Nuendo 11 will not launch on my Windows 10 desktop PC if the eLicenser dongle is removed, but Nuendo 12 will launch fine.


  1. Will I still be able to run Nuendo 11 (not 12) on my MacBook Pro when I travel?

  2. Is it simply a matter of deactivating the license from the PC and reactivating on the laptop, then bringing the eLicenser dongle with me like before to run 11?

  • Rodney

Have a look at this: New Steinberg Licensing

The Elicenser system is separate. If you want to run programs that still use it, you have to bring the dongle.

The problem of your macbook not seeing the dongle is a separate question.

The dongle worked fine before the update, so I believe I need to deactivate my desktop first and then activate the laptop for it to work, correct? The Nuendo 11 license on the eLicenser knows it’s been updated to 12 so, since the laptop is not an activated device on the Steinberg License Activation system, it isn’t working, if I am understand it correctly (?).

My mistake, the laptop eLicenser software just needed a license database update and then Nuendo 11 worked fine. Thanks for the help!

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Great to hear. hope you don’t mind if I close this topic, since you fixed your problem.

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