ellements 8 free trial error


trying to instal cubase ellements 8 free trial but it says no valid license found and asks than for a activation code???
How do i get the trial version to work???


Did you figure it out? I have the same problem.

no tried installing it a couple of times but the same error occurs.
For some reason the installation gets stuck somewhere half way
I got I new computer , windows 10 plenty enough disk space so that can’t be the problem.

I don’t know exactly how the elements trial works, but I imagine Steinberg should email you a license key that is valid for 30 days, that you enter in the eLicenser control center?

my guess is you don’t get a licence and it doesn’t work after 30 days - not sure why I believe that

gents, posting this topic in the Cubase forum would make more sense than in the Lounge.

That said, this is what the trial page mentions:

The free Cubase Elements 8 trial version runs for 30 days without any limitations. No registration is required. Just download, install and start recording, editing and mixing your music in exceptional quality. And the Cubase Elements trial version runs without a USB-eLicenser.