Em Guitar Jam

Just something I just came up with. Please give me constructive feedback as I am on a learning curve.
I have been working at improving my mixing and mastering and have just started using the Youlean plugin so I can set levels by LUFS. I realize previously I have everything up to high and it can sound muddy with tracks trying to compete with each other.
I went through and set up each track in a group to a consistent level with the Youlean at about -23 LUFS. The total output was around 10.5 LUFS then with minor adjustments I adjusted the gain on my stereo out mastering compressor till it showed max around +0.5 Db on the Youlean meter. The cubase output bus is at about -3.8 DB which is different to what the Youlean meter is indicating at maximum peaks. Any thoughts ideas?

The levels sound pretty good to me. Setting the levels to a certain value can be good starting point. After that it is a matter of choices you need to make. A tune usually benefits from changes in perceived level (e.g. different parts of the tune) because otherwise the tune could end up sounding rather dull. Study/try also different amounts of reverb (oftentimes too much reverb gets applied) and different types of reverb.