Embarassing how to ask: Duplicate 8 bars inside a project?

Hi - Can someone point me to the correct page please for taking a project, and reproducing 8 bars so as to give time for a 2nd solo to be overdubbed?

I used to know how to do this, but have forgotten, and can’t find it in the index …

Thanks much!


Assuming you want to put this in the middle of an existing song - set the locators to where you want the 8 bars to be. Then use Edit/Range/Insert Silence. This will cut all the parts at the Left Locator and move everything to the right of that to the Right Locator leaving a gap.

Now make sure that the 8 midi/audio bars you want to repeat are exactly 8 bars long (cut them 8 bars before the gap if needed). Then select the parts to repeat and hit ctrl+D to duplicate them.

Thanks, raino!

I’ll give that a go. Not quite envisioning the best way to select and duplicate the entire project except the track the 2nd solo will go on, but I’m sure it will be more clear when I’m back in DAW-land. Maybe a PLE might even come into play here!

Yeah, if there are too many channels to easily see at once that’s the way to go. I’d do a ctrl+A to select everything and then do a cut 8 bars before the new solo. Then use the PLE to select all parts that start at that location (or maybe between there and the solo start in case you’ve got parts that start 6 bars before the solo for example).

Left and Right Locators around the source selection, then Range menu>Global Copy (no need to even cut the Parts if they extend beyond the selection range :wink: ), then place the play cursor at the start of where you had done “Insert Silence”, then Paste :slight_smile:.

How sweet it is … thank you!

Thanks again guys, so easy once you know how! :slight_smile:

Ah, very important … if the project tempo is variable, the whole thing goes kaput starting right after the inserted bars, unless one goes into the tempo track, and duplicates the tempo points as well.

I guess Insert Silence didn’t get rid of the tempo points, and Global Copy didn’t see them either.

Once that’s done though (oh, and all the tracks have to be in Musical Time Base, at least they did for me), it is a thing of beauty.

For the inexperienced - make it work on a dummy copy of the project first … some mistakes are hard to back out of!

Not sure I am following, here…
Are there tempo events during the range where you wish to Insert Silence? (Here, at least, Insert Silence does move those tempo events along), and Global Copy does take into account any tempo changes during the source range, and Paste does paste those tempo events into the destination. :confused:
At what point is it going wrong for you?

Hi vic_france, thanks for your response!

It is all going right for me now, thanks to your and Raino’s suggestions earlier.

But to try to remember what did go slightly awry:

The six backing track solo MIDI bars (that’s a lot of descriptors in a few words!) in the middle of the song I wanted to duplicate had a variable tempo. When I followed the instructions on the top of this thread (Insert Silence/Global Copy) the project window looked good, and the backing track was successfully duplicated.

For example, the original MIDI backing track solo bars were #63-69, and after Insert Silence/Global Copy those six bars were duplicated in the project, leaving room for an additional 2nd solo to be played until bar #75.

Of course, I would need the tempo points for bars #63-69 to be repeated as well, extended to bar #75 to accomodate the second solo. However, the tempo track remained unchanged after Insert Silence and Global Copy. … with the effect that the newly created six solo bars #69-75 were played by Cubase using the (verse/non-solo) tempo points that would have been from the original project’s bar #s 69-75.

In other words, Cubase didn’t act as if there were a tempo point equivalent to “Automation follows events”. I made it work by selecting all the tempo points in the project beginning at bar #63 (the first bar of the original solo), then copy/pasting them (in the CTRL-T tempo window) into the start of bar #69, which was originally the last bar of the solo, but now is the first bar of the newly added 2nd solo backing track.

Look forward to being schooled by you once again! :laughing:


I have no idea why it didn’t copy/paste those tempo events to the duplicated solo section. :confused:

Nor did it “clear out” them in the previous step when I inserted silence … the tempo track acted like it was not to be bothered by either command (Insert Silence or Global Copy). I’d guess I’ve toggled something one way or another at some point in the distant past, but no worries … at least I have steps to make it work - thanks to you and raino once again!

I use the Arranger track with :

A : Be fore the bars you want to copy
B : the bars you want to copy
C : after the bars you want to copy.

Then play : ABBC

If you’re happy with this, than apply.

I have a video tutorial if you want, let me know I can post it on my youtube channel.