Embed Inserted Effects to Playback Template


I’m wondering if there is a way to embed the Inserted Effect to the Endpoint Config or Playback Template?
I’m working for the most with guitarbased scores. I find my self having to add the amp sims and IR’s manually every time I create a score, or reload them every time my co-works have done edits.

Also, the “Insert Effects” is also where I assign FX pedal configurations, which in turn would be useful to configure in to my Expression Map some how. It would be useful to have a way of toggle/control them without having to add a new instrument with a different sound-design for each part of the score. Is there a way to do this?

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Would creating a user template file make starting similar new projects simpler?

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No, at the present time you can’t include this kind of information in playback templates, but that is something we plan to implement in future.


Sadly no, since I’m not the only one working at the project. I might not be the one creating the score, and due to the fact that the score moves between workstations, the problem will still persist.
But thanks for the suggestion, still appreciated!

Thanks Daniel,

Looking forward to that update!