Embed ISRC Codes to individual files from Montage?


I’m trying to figure out a way to create individual WAV, AAC & MP3 files that carry prescribed ISRC codes derived from an already completed audio montage. I can see the meta data tab in the montage window on the left hand side - & the edit button to open up the dialog to access meta data values. I’m wondering if there’s a way to have each CD track in the montage automatically assign the given ISRC code to metadata so that I can render the montage to a watch folder thereby creating individual files with ISRC codes embedded. I’ve tried manually entering an ISRC code into the metadata values window on a test file for Itunes ID3 v2 - but no code shows when reading resultant rendered MP4 file.

Any ideas??

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Wavelab 8.5.2

You can generate mp3 files from the montage CD tracks, see picture as hints.
But the watch folder can’t be used here.
Moreover, only mp3 supports an ISRC field, not AAC.