Embed ISRC codes

Hi Folks,

Can someone provide some details on how to ensure the
ISRC codes included in a project are embedded into wav files.(or bwf files)
I’ve tried to upload Justin Perkins’ presets on this however Wavelab doesn’t seem to want to upload these .dat files.

You can open a WAV file in the Audio Editor of WaveLab and see if the codes are present in the Metadata Tab in the metadata fields you are trying to add the ISRCs to.

I typically do the aXML chunk (per the EBU recommendation) and the ID3v2 field:

Can you tell me how to get your preset into the program?
Do I need to search for the presets folder in my mac or can I upload the.dat file
via wavelab?

You can’t upload anything into WaveLab, but maybe we’re using different terminology.

If you choose the “Organize Presets” option shown in the attached screen shot, it will expose on your system where you should manually copy and paste my metadata preset file to.

Once you do that and my metadata preset is in the correct location on your system, you should have my metadata preset available to choose in your version of WaveLab.

Then you have to make sure it’s selected when rendering your files. I have a few montage templates I start from depending the nature of the project, but nearly all of them have this metadata preset pre-loaded so I never have to actually open it or think about it.

The info is just automatically populated from existing info in the montage, to metadata.

Awesome. Got it working. cheers mate.

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