Embedding ISRC files?

Is this possible to do this at export audio mix down? I see there is an option in export audio mix down which says Insert Broadcast wave chunk. Would this be the place? Ive had a look at the manual but not a great deal of information in this area.

There is usually no need or point to embed ISRC code in a wave file. Unless it is specifically requested it be included it will be ignored and will be lost in any further conversion to delivery formats.

This for a CD-I though it was a way of radio stations-if played- being able to get information in regard to PRS and PPL?

You write this data in the CD authoring process, not to the wav.

There was a move a while back to add ISRC to WAV file metadata for download purposes. I haven’t heard about it for a while, does anyone have any up to date information?

I would be great of this could be incorporated into Cubase pro when you consider the end result of most of our files is to get it on air and hopefully make money!

There’s a published spec for adding it and Sonoris have a small free app that will do all the formatting for you…but as far as I’m aware this is more likely to be used for broadcast files than for downloadable songs in wav format.

But this is all 3 year old info …not aware of any more recent developments.

Just add the ISRC with the software I linked…or use Wavelab for example. I suspect this function won’t be added to Cubase as it’s more a mastering process and will be kept in Wavelab, but you never know.

Just to clarify though I’m sure you realise this…you said you were sending a CD to the radio station so be aware that embedding the code to the wav will be lost if you burn an audio CD. You must use a software that can write the ISRC as CD data in this case.

I believe it’s still safest to supply an audio CD with ISRC embedded, they will ingest this into their playback system and apply the ISRC correctly.

Thank you Grim for that advice as I will be getting CD’s reproduced to sell so I presume theres no point in doing this process. Hopefully if I get any radio plays the stations will be able to take note of my details manually-just like they used to which I believe they simply called a playlist.

Not sure how to make this any more clear, repeating for the third time…For CD you should add the ISRC at the CD authoring stage.

Sorry Im on a learning curve-Ive downloaded the software and wow-I didn’t realise it was so simple-many thanks

Let’s try one final time!

the software I linked (I assume this is what you’ve downloaded?) will write the ISRC to the WAV file ONLY.
If you make an audio CD from the wav (which you told us you were doing) the ISRC will NOT transfer magically to the CD.

You need a CD burning/audio mastering software that lets you add ISRC at the CD authoring stage. Wavelab for example.

OK I understand thank you!