Embertone Joshua Bell Violin Expression Map

Hello everyone. I have prepared an expression map for Embertone Joshua Bell Violin. The expression map is quite comprehensive. To use the expression map, you need to make some modifications. Everything you need to do and the expression map itself are included in the downloaded file.

Known Issues:

  1. You need to repeat step 6 of image 14 every time you open Dorico. This is due to Dorico’s behavior.
  2. In an older project, the expression map might not work properly. To ensure proper functionality, remove the CC messages you have added.

Missing Features:

  1. Mezzo staccato is not supported.
  2. Does not include Sul Ponticello and Sul Tasto Legato.

Instructions for Using Portamento and Polyphony:

To add portamento between two notes as shown in the example in image 16, first write both notes, then add the custom Portamento technique to the second note. Notes written after the note with the technique will revert to normal and will not have portamento. If you want portamento again, you need to add the portamento technique. For polyphony, it is sufficient to add polyphony to the first note of polyphonic chords. When transitioning from polyphonic notes back to monophonic notes, you need to add the “nat.” (natural) playback technique.

Good luck everyone, I hope you enjoy it.
Expression map: Embertone Joshua Bell Violin.rar - Google Drive