Embracer Missing - Cubase 7.5

HI all,

I have just tried to use Embracer in 7.5 and it is ‘missing’

Has it gone or has it moved?

Thanks for any help received.

What does it say in the “Plugin_Reference.pdf” about the included VST instruments…?

Embracer and Monologue went at version 7.0

They were both 32-bit plug in’s, using Steinberg’s bit bridge, so it seems Steinberg killed them off at V7

Maybe Prologue and Mystic take their place, though that won’t help if you have an old Cubase 6 song that needs them.

You could try to copy them from the old Cubase 6 VST Plug ins folder, and put them in Cubase 7.5’s VST plug in folder, that may work - although be prepared for a crash if you do try it.


Cheers for your help.

So if I load Cubase 6.5 back on to my Pc I will be able to work on the songs I need with Embracer and Monologue and my songs should be fine?

I don’t know if this has any bearing for PC users, but on the Mac platform, both Embracer and Monologue are seen and will run on C7.0.6, but in 32 bit mode only. On C7.5 they will not be seen at all in 32 bit mode. Neither C7.0.6 or C7.5 will run them in 64bit mode (as expected).

I copied them both from the Steinberg site and they both work perfectly in 7.5 :wink:

Cheers G-string.

I am running 64bit, do they work on this platform?

Where on the site did you download from? I have had a scan of the site and can’t find them.

I hate to say this but ive looked all over the site as well and it looks like they have been remove for some strange reason .
If you can get you hands on them by laoding c5 -c6 disk and copy them across . they do work perfectly on win 7 64 in c7.5

I had the same problem, it’s easy to solve (at least in my case it was). Simply find the .dll-files of the old plugIns on your hard drive. Then drag and drop it into the new vst-plugIns folder of the cubase7 installation.
In my case it looked like this: I took the “monologue.dll”-file (and all other files somehow named “monologue”) from the folder “C - program files - steinberg - cubase 6 - VSTPlugins- Synth” and copied it to “C - program files (x86) - common files - Steinberg - VST2” (this is my personal plugins-folder).

Hi All

I use both Monologue and Embracer occasionally in C7.5.1. , just go to your 6.5 installation and copy the dll files into the same place in the 7.5 installation, works no problem at all.

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