Embracer suddenly stopped working!!!

Embracer stopped working.

Was working, saved my track.

closed cubase-
shut down my mac-
turned on my mac-
opened cubase-
i get a note saying “bridge lost” - embracer - (no midi in) or something
I have tried to open it several times but it wont work.
please help.

Suggest you post this in the main Cubase board.

The VST Bridge is a bit flaky. It is needed by Cubase to run pre-Intel plug-ins on Intel Macs. It is prone to falling over (as you have found) and is a resource hog. You should only use it to access an old VSTi like Embracer (which I, too, am very fond of) for long enough to render the track as audio, then dump the VSTi. Try unloading some other plugs from the project (specially any other pre-Intel plugs).

i agree

i often bounce out a render from a MIDI/VSTi track simply because it saves gridlock on the main arrange page.
quite often my projects have multiple .cpr files doing things like this, where the main version has just one midi track doing an approximation of whatever vintage plug needs to do, then i just paste that over into a plain vanilla empty project, or even an older version of cubase if needs be, prior to bouncing out.

yes it does sound like a lot of mousework, but surprisingly it is faster overall, once you have bedded down a regimen that handles decsions one at a time

especially usefull when preparing ‘disposable’ cue mixes for vocals

dont for get to reply what eventually works, for the benefit of new future users.

thanks very much for the replies,

this is my first post so i wasn’t sure where to post.

I tried unloading some other vst’s but it didn’t work. It started working again though, i don’t no why. i just started cubase again today and it worked.

Again thank you for the help.