Embracer Synth

We need to use Embracer and LM9 in a remastering project.

We are currently remastering an album from around 2009. The project used Halion One, Embracer (Synth) and LM9 a drum program. We want to make the sounds as authentic as possible. However these VST instruments seem to be ‘blacklisted’ in Cubase 9.

Although they may not be ‘supported’ we would like to have the opportunity to try and use them. How can we ‘unblacklist’ them?

If Steinberg are for some reason not able to offer an official fix, could any forum genii offer a workaround? :smiley:


In the Plug-in Manager window > Blacklist, there is a button to do so (on your own risk :wink:).

If it’s 32-bit plug-in only, it will not work. Then you can try to use 3rd party bridge (for example jBridge), in your own risk. :wink:

ok thank you. What is jBridge and where would I find one on a dark night…?

I believe Google can answer this question the best. :wink:

You could use a lower cubase version and render to audio, then use cubase 9.5.

For some old projects that I now need stems for, I just run it on an older computer with cubase 6/7 etc.

With your Cubase 9.5 licence, you can start lower Cubase versions.

There is a 64 bit version of Halion so that at least you can use with 9.5.

For the other synths you’ll have to use one of the other suggestions above.

it is disconcerting that the expert here suggests a software that won’t work in this case as he surely must know that Steinbergs own plugins like embracer are coded that way that they won’t open in jbridge as they open strictly within cubase…

If you mean me by the expert, then thank you.

And thank you for the clarification. To be honest, I have never used jBridge and I didn’t realise this.

The simple answer is to use Cubase 8 or whatever version was current in 2009. You might have to install it.



Thank you folks. Yes that was my original plan yet somehow the earlier synths and plugins had disappeared. I found the original discs and reinstalled, with the usual kerfuffles, and eventually found a solution.

For the benefit of other folk be careful when you open an older project in 9.5 as soon as you press ‘save’ the project no loger works in the old version. Best to save a new version in 9.5 before you begin to edit.

Thank you.

If this is true then this is a new issue, shall have to check as I’ve quite often gone back at least a version without issue and out of interest manage to go back several versions (this morning am running files created in 9.5.21 that are opening in Elements 9.40). New features previously are missing but otherwise newer projects have always opened OK in older versions for me.

Nevertheless it’s a never a bad idea giving a project a new name when opening with a different version.

That’s a pretty big assumption to make

Well you may be right in your case. When I have tried to open projects made in a newer version of Cubase, the program dis[lays an error message saying it was made in a newer version of Cubase. Good luck.

Hi all,

I recently wanted to get the Embracer synth working again: I remember all those lush sounds it’s capable of producing, and have yet to find a synth (hardware or software) that matches the simplicity and gorgeousness of this wonderful little VST.

So, I’ve dual-booted Windows 7 Home Premium onto my machine and I’m running Cubase 6, both in 64-bit. I can confirm that this setup allows Embracer to work with no problems, so if anyone needs it - this is a good way to do it.

As an added bonus, I can now use the Editor/Librarian for my SH-201 as well, another synth that time forgot!

*(As far as I recall, Embracer and co. are also available on Cubase 5 and 7).

Good idea.

Dual boot. Ok. This would be a good solution for many other clients who like 32bit pligins.