EMERGENCY = video troubles in C6

i’m having some important work with video to finish and have this trouble.

i was using cheap GC and all was fine.
i upgraded to cyclone 6850 and now videos inside cubase 6 won’t work.
these QT videos works with all players (vlc, windwos media, QT etc …) but not cubase. the image is frozen.

i use cubase 6.0.2 / W seven / 16Go ram / GC drivers updated.
any idea apart from getting back to old card ?

reinstalled old GC and it’s the same…
so that means something has changed and cubase won’t read my videos for some reason… :stuck_out_tongue:
please any help ?

i desintalled cubase + pref folder and reinstalled it with 6.02
i removed all intallations from the new GC :stuck_out_tongue:
i installed a codec pack
still the same
i don’t know how to solve this. Maybe i could link another video player to cubase TC ? anyone done that ?

ok …
well found the solution so i post it here in case.
again i desinstalled all cubase + preference + all softwares or ATI or whatever related to video + all codecs + QT all what i could find concerning video.
then reinstalled all (!) + updates.
then i got a eLincencer problem but that has noting to do with that video problem …
anyway now it’s working again. video in cubase is displayed properly