Empty image frames when reopening a file

Hey there !

Pretty self explanatory title : when I open a file in which I did some custom layout, especially adding images, they are all blank and I gotta double click on the frames and set them again.
Kinda annoying especially since I’m working on several methods/instructional projects that are growing over time, with more and more images.

I noticed it mostly happen when restarting the computer ; if I work on a project, quit and reopen it still works, but if I quit then restart the computer and reopen all my image frames are blank.

I’m on a M1 macbook air (2020), latest version of Dorico.

Anyone else experienced that ?

Yes. In my case the loss occurred when going from a file created in 3.5 to opening and then re-saving it in version 4.x. It didn’t seem to happen after a computer restart but I so rarely do that that it could have happened and I just didn’t notice.

If either of you can provide a set of steps to reproduce this problem, ideally in a simple project, I’d be very glad to hear about it. It certainly hasn’t gone wrong in our testing, but there could be all sorts of things that are a factor, such as the filename of the imported graphic, or the overall path length, or goodness knows what else.

Thanks @dspreadbury for your reply !

I’m not sure about the steps because it happened randomly a few times over the past month and I think it happened when restarting my laptop (which, like tbabcock123, I don’t do often as well) but I’m not quite sure, I’m gonna try to reproduce this to check .
However I did have my graphics in different folders so I wonder if it could be that ?
I wonder if maybe as long as the computer is not switched off Dorico would kinda load into RAM the graphics and their paths and when restarting it would sort of be purged and it kinda wouldn’t be able to choose between several paths they were from ?

Which by the way makes me wonder : if I send you the Dorico file is it supposed to contain the graphics or are the frames supposed to just point to a path on the computer ?

Oh and btw about the graphics names, as I use some of them in the app I’m developping I use camelCase notation so I don’t think it would be the problem.

Dorico embeds the graphics within the file directly. It doesn’t maintain a reference to the graphics file external to the project itself (though this is something we may add as a feature in the future as of course it can be a useful way to work).