Empty MIDI Regions at Start and Ending get cut away on Export

i want to export MIDI Files from Cubase9 Pro and some of them have empty areas at the Beginning and/or Ending of the File. When I export and reimport them, they are shorter than the Original and always start with a MIDI Note and end with the Note off of the last played note.
I tried writing a MIDI Automation to give the Clip some kind of changing value, without success.
MIDI Files before Export
MIDI Files after reimport

I would really appreciate the help, since I wasn’t able to find a solution Online .

John Walden explains how to do this (or at least one way) in his September 2020 Cubase Technique column in Sound on Sound. It’s at the end of “The Future is Now” section.

Hope that’s what you’re looking for.

I always need to put garbage midi notes at the top of a region if I want the midi files to export at the same length as the session. Only needs to be on one track, then the rest will export at the proper length.

I’ll try that. Thank you