Empty parts in print section

I have just finished a score for 8 saxophones and piano, everything is correct in Setup, Write, Engrave and Play - only these nine instruments are present. But in Print three “empty parts” appear, does anyone know how to erase them please, and I’m curious where they came from?

It’s possible you added and removed some players, or dragged an instrument from one player to another, leaving the original player empty-handed, but that would leave the empty layouts in the right panel of Setup mode in addition to Print mode.

Equally it’s possible you clicked the Create Part Layout, Create Score Layout or Create Custom Layout buttons at the bottom of the right panel of Setup mode, then didn’t assign anything to them.

You should be able to delete them from the right panel of Setup mode. If that panel’s not visible, it’s Cmd/Ctrl-9, or click the little disclosure arrow halfway down the right edge of the Dorico window.

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Many thanks pianoleo, that is the answer. This is the first ensemble work I have used Dorico for and didn’t know the right panel existed - even though I should have noticed the arrow.
In that panel I could also re-arrange the order of instruments, the 2nd soprano was at the bottom of the list for some reason. Probably my inexperience with the Setup panel.

In Setup mode, the panel on the right is for layouts. Both a full score and part are types of layouts. Here is some general information about the relationship between layouts, players, and flows.