Empty parts (or sections of parts) mute underlying events


Not sure if this is a “proper” bug (or just an oversight / someone’s idea of a better workflow)

Problem reproduction,

  1. On an audio track with audio events
  2. place an empty audio PART “in front” of the events.

The original events are now muted
This is also true for parts (with audio events) “under” empty parts.

This is not the behavior in cubase 5 and lower.
(Previously , only audio EVENTS muted other audio events. Parts were “transparent containers” as they should be …)

Besides being a problem when utilizing audio “parts” as a way to “align/snap/arrange” audio events - this also breaks backward compatibility (!)

(For example, I have a short vocal snippet that starts somewhere (not exactly on the grid) on the first beat of a bar. This snippet is looped so that it occurs every bar (so I out the kittle snippet into an audio part, size the part to have it fit the bar (with the event inside it) and the I duplicate/repeat the part so that I fill up the track with 1-bar parts.
Now, if on top of that, i want to add another snippet (lets say a 2bar part with a short audio event at the end of each 2 bars — i used to be able to just layer them on top of each other and as long as the actual events in the parts dont overlap - no events were “muted”.

I was also using this method in conjuction with the option to place these parts on different “lanes” in a track (just like placing events on different lanes in the audio part editor).
Now with the new “comping” workflow/feature - that is messed up as well …

For me , this is “advancing backwards” (“In all respects”)

Can you guys recommend a fix/workaround or just iron out this wrinkle ?


Yogi, because later versions of Cubase )6.0 on, I believe0 have the LANES" feature, only the uppermost audio clip plays.
All underneath can be seen and heard by clicking the little lanes icon in the inspector window.

Thats the same behavior pre-6 …
Again, lets get this straight - its ok (and logical) for audio “clips” (events) to “override” events that are underneath them … (Comping basically seems like a glorified “mute macro” - but I wont get into that)

PARTS (i.e. containers for audio clips) should not override other “clips” (if there is no actual “clip” in the part that is located on top of those aformetioned clips)

Having empty parts mute audio events makes almost as little sense as midi parts muting other midi parts that are below them …

(P.S. v5 also had lanes … Same thing - only now they are more limited )

And again, this is beyond logical heirarchy and workflow - it kills backwards compatibility …)

Hoping someone can shed some light on this issue. I’m with Yogi, I feel the empty part of an audio event should not mute an underlying audio clip. My workflow is simple (from cubase 5, just upgraded to 8.5), On vocals especially i will keep repeated parts (pres and hooks) in an event that starts on the bar for snap to bar moving and duplicating. Often those parts will share a track, where audio parts do not overlap, but the front of the event (the empty part before the audio starts to play) might overlap the last second of the preceding audio. I could just glue the events together, which would solve the problem, but I prefer not to in case I make an arrangement change in the process of a production.
Solutions please!

Yes; the app would benefit some with a ‘Play overlapping events’ option. Like Studio One, or Reaper (I believe)… So +1 for the ideas… :slight_smile:

Or also cubase 5 …