Empty piano system appears though it should be hidden


I have a strange problem. I have a small piece for 3 voices Viola, Guitar and Piano .

I am hiding empty bars . The last for bars are just the voice and the guitar.

This part start in a new system.

Now when I enter chord symbols to the guitar the piano system is also appearing, though there are no notes in it. How is this explainable?

Thanx for an advice.

It’s likely that the chord symbols are being entered Globally rather than Locally.

Whenever you create chord symbols in Global mode (default), it will display them in all players that have chord symbols enabled. This is one reason why the piano might reappear - because it now has chord symbols.

If you want a chord symbol in only one part, once the chord symbol popover is activated and before entering the chord, type Alt/Opt-L (for local) or Alt/Opt-G (for global). Don’t forget to switch it back when you need to!


Perfect, thanx a lot!!

Or make sure the piano player is set not to display chord symbols? Or to show chord symbols only in chord symbol regions, which lets you control where you want chord symbols above the piano?

Thank you!!