Empty Project CPU Load

Submitted the below as a Support Request ~2 months ago and haven’t heard back so thought i’d try here as its driving me insane and Steinberg aren’t helping.

A Cubase 9.5 project (8 audio tracks, 3 VST instruments) that was working fine a couple of days ago is now maxing out the Average Load after resetting my PC and reinstalling Cubase. If I disable every track/VST so it is just a stereo mixdown, it is at ~40%, and with the Master plugins removed it is at 20%. An empty project is around 10%.

I have tried everything on the Steinberg website, as well as disabling the “suspend vst 3 plug-in processing when no audio signals are received” and re-enabling it. I have tried everything I can find online. I have also downloaded the free trial of Cubase Pro 11, in order to use the Latency monitoring on the MixConsole, but the maximum showing is 4.2ms.

CPU is an Intel Core i7 6700K s1151 4.0G,
Windows 10
Focusrite 2i2 (2nd Gen) Firmware: 1051, Driver: 4.65.5
Version of eLicenser Control Center:

What could cause a CPU load in an empty project?

Any help would be appreciated immensely.

It’s something you did when you restored your computer and reinstalled Cubase… This is evidenced by the fact that you said the issue is still present in Cubase 11.

It isn’t Cubase. Period.

Sorry you’re having troubles… Hope you get it sorted.


Just posting this helpful (non-volatile) info from the other thread.

This (same thing happening on 9.5 and 11) is a clear indication that something is amiss with your windows re-install.

If you open Cubase and cancel the project on the hub so that you have no project is it the same ?
If i open Cubase without a project i still get a little cpu usage on the Audio Performance meter.

In a blank project there is a tiny bit, but as soon as I start adding tracks the CPU skyrockets.