"Empty Trash" directory options - I've lost some files because of this narrow limited protocol.

I’ve had an instance where I’ve lost some files, not exactly sure how. It involved ‘Import Tracks from Project’ and somehow ‘Remove Unused Media’+‘Empty Trash’ deleted the files in the original project. Not sure if it was user error on my part or what… but either way, this protocol is horrible.

Let us decide where ‘Empty Trash’ deleted files go. Whether it’s immediate erasure, or to the computers trash bin or to a user defined directory which could be on a separate hard-drive as a backup organized in folders by project title.

Yes I have lost some files before. I think the options are : remove from pool or delete. And yes delete actually deletes the file permanently rather than sticking in your Mac trash for example. Yes it may well be good to have some sort of safety net allocation…

  1. You are actually asked if you want to erase the files from hard drive or just remove from pool.

  2. When you import tracks from other projects you do have an option to copy media files to current projects audio folder so they will no longer be shared with your other project.

We dont need more pop up dialogue boxes asking “Are your sure you want to delete your files” --> YES --> “Are you really sure” --> YES --> “Are you really really sure” --> Duh

But with that said, Steinberg could make it so that erased files go to Windows/MacOS Recycle Bin instead of just deleting them, at least giving you a chance to get the files back if you clicked Erase by accident.