Emu1616m and ASIO driver HELP!

Looking for some help on some ASIO driver issues concerning, ASIO4all drivers, EMU1616m soundcard/drivers, and Cubase 6.

When I set the ASIO4all driver as the ASIO driver Cubase uses, I am limited to 2 inputs on my emu1616m. This sucks because obviously the EMU1616m has a lot of inputs available to use for recording and even the ASIO4all has the lowest latency out of any of my available ASIO drivers I cannot take full advantage of my audio setup.

I opened up ASIO4all from my system tray and tried to select more than two inputs but to no avail. Under the ASIO4all “WDM Device List”, I do show “E-MU E-DSP Audio Processor (WDM)” , but only 2 inputs available “In: 2x 8-192kHz, 32Bits”. At least I think that means only two inputs because when I open up the VST connections in Cubase the only inputs I am able to select are “E-DSP Wave[EC00]1” and “E-DSP Wave[EC00]2”

When using the EMU E-DSP drivers for Cubase, my latency is up to 300 ms for input and output which is a problem that definitely affects VST performance. Plus for some reason when I use the EMU ASIO driver my track peak meters in the project view are really choppy and glitched out, not smooth and flowing like they are with the ASIO4all driver.

Can you set up ASIO4all to detect all the inputs available to the EMU1616m or somehow manually add inputs to ASIO4all?


There any way to lower the latency of my EMU ASIO driver and stop the annoying peak meter glitching?

Any help would be awesome or if someone could point me in the right direction even that would be a good start!


is better for Emu advice although a bit quiet lately.

If you are using ASIO4ALL because of problems with the latest, or last, PCI Emu (64bit?) driver then go over to the Emu site and get the last 64bit (Vista driver I think) before the latest and use that which should work ok for most Emu cards. You should really get adequate performance without having to use ASIO4ALL.

How low do you think you need the latency to be? 5 to 8ms will work for most real life musical situations, yes, even on FX. Going down to 2 or less is really only necessary if you work in a laboratory where you would need better equipment anyway. :mrgreen:

yeah I do have the latest EMU driver but for some reason still have problems with latency in cubase 6. Thanks for the link I’ll give it a shot.

Try this also:

It might give you a picture of what’s holding things up in the latency area.

Thanks for all your help man! Really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Hey Chizzy
I had some problems with latency and it took about 3 “Virgin Installs” of the EMU 1616M PCIE card to fix the problem. The latest driver seems to be holding.

Here’s a link for the virgin install