Emulating Jupiter 8 with Cubase (LE 11)?

Good afternoon,
I am a complete newbie to Cubase. My reason for going here is that I am to perform a wonderful piece written for the Roland Jupiter 8 synthesizer – which I do not possess. I have a RolandCloud Pro user, from which I have access to a complete softsynth version. I have learned that I can connect a physical synth to my computer through Cubase (called Emulating, is it not?).
What I have as for now is Cubase LE 11. Will that to the trick? The Jupiter shows up in Cubase, but seemingly with no inbuilt sounds, or anything.
What are the prerequisites needed for me to play as if I had a real Jupiter 8?

I do not expect people to have time to guide me step by step, but some of you might point out the best places to start looking, maybe?