Emulator X3 in VST live

Can anyone confirm whether the plugin Emulator X3 works in VST live? The reason I’m asking is I recently got an older PC laptop which has Windows 8.1 installed and VST live won’t work with that OS so I can’t try that out unless I upgrade at least to Windows 10.

I updated to Windows 10 and VST live works well but Emulator X3 does not appear as a plugin. Emulator X3 does appear and works fine in Cubase AI 12 though

… isn’t it a VST2 plugin? Did you add the installation path to VST Live?
VL / Menu / Edit / Preferences → PLUG-INS → VST2 Paths


Yes I did. A little background on this plugin. Emu which had designed this very cool software had been bought out by Creative and this software was abandoned around 2006 and Emu went under sadly. So it’s abandonware and I found it on an archive. Too bad it wasn’t developed but even in its current state is very good sounding and useful.

I haven’t been able to get Emulator x3 to work in VST live but no biggie as I have other plugins that work well in VST live.

Isn’t that a 32 bit plugin? Can’t get hold of one, sorry. What happens (not)?

Actually it’s very easy to find. All you have to do is to Google Emu Emulator X3 and the web archive where it’s on appears as the first entry ( sorry I’m not good with copying links) Actually I believe there’s both 64 and 32 bit versions. There’s one version of the Emulator X3 plugin that wants you to authorize it with a supplied serial number which goes to a non-existing website so you can’t authorize it and it says the plugin must be authorized in 12 days, This version of the plugin actually will appear in VST Live but causes VST Live to crash as well as Cubase A1 12 and Reason 10 and Ableton Live 10. The other version that is on the site actually solves the authorization issue and works in Reason 10, Cubase A1 12 and Ableton Live 10 but doesn’t appear in VST Live. If you are able to check this out it would be much appreciated! Thanks

Been to the archive and only found a 32 bit version.
If it causes other DAWs to crash as well plus requires authorization we cannot spend that much time on this, sorry.

Thanks. Ableton Live 10 won’t run 32 bit plugins without a bridge. On the archive and this is easy to miss there’s a small paragraph that says something like this. The 32/64 bit pre-activated version supersedes all previous versions etc. If you click on the paragraph it reveals the pre-activated version 32 and 64. This version works in Ableton Live 10, Reason 10 and Cubase A1 12 with no issues. VST live doesn’t recognize that’s all.

Have the same problem. I added the path to the 64 bit plugin and EMU X was placed on the blocklist. I checked the box “rescan on start”, closed and restarted VST Live and VST Live picked up the VST in the scan but then crashed. When I restarted VST Live there was EMU X on the blocklist again. I just don’t think it will work, sadly.
I’m now wondering whether simply to use Cubase itself just for the patch management (I don’t plan to use the song/part stuff) and dispense with VST Live altogether.

We debugged it, it simply crashes immediately at the first call to open the plugin, which then also crashes VST Live. This causes VST Live to abandon the plugin to prevent that from happening the next time.
The standalone version runs fine it seems.
Sorry, but there is nothing we can do about this.