Emulator X3 x64 GUI is small

Hi there$

I’ve been experiencing a recurring problem with my Cubase Elements 10 when I try to load Emulator X3 x64 plugin into a project which is not empty. Only a tiny bit of the GUI opens, so only the On/Off and the Automation Read/write are visible. Strangely enough, this only occurs when I try to open this plugin in a project where already some instruments and tracks are present; with a fresh project everything loads and works fine, supposing I load the Emulator X3 first.
Any help is appreciated.


Most probably this is HiDPI related. Do you have any HiDPI screen? Could you try to change the HiDPI settings in Cubase?


Nope, I use a double monitor system with a full Hd and a 1280x1024 monitor.
More annoyingly the Emulator plugin freezes with a loud digital noise when I try to load it into an already populated project. Again, when I start a fresh project with it, no problem, other plugins load and work well together with this ageing beast…
I understand the Emulator X3 is waaaay beyond its service life, however I guess there might be a solution. I will try to save a template with a preloaded instance to ensure that I won’t have to try to add it later.

It a shame what happened to E-MU. Such an extensive sound library and merged with creative, soundblaster cards, should of been perfect. At least classics like the JV1080 and the M1 get to live on thanks to surviving brands, releasing VST’s. I sold all my E-MU racks first because I’d upgraded into the software, E-MU Sound Card. I was hoping the X3 would become something but I could never unlock all the extra packs I had. Long time ago now to remember the full issues. They never released updated drivers for the card.