Emvoice plug in

helo good day.
can i use EMVOICE PLUG IN on cubase pro 12

Yes… FWIW I would also suggest trying SynthesizerV. The Solaria voice is outstanding.

There is also a new version (and 30-day demo) of VOCALOID out.

Wow, that’s incredible… Kinda… wanting…it! :slight_smile:

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Yeah since I heard Solaria I have shelved Vocaloid 5 entirely. There is really no comparison (at least to my ears).

Do you know if it needs the internet? That is a big bonus over emvoice too.

Just to install I think… But honestly not sure… I have never turned off the network to see…

Hi -

How much editing does one lose out on by getting only the free player?

Just been trying out the SynthV Basic with the lite sound packs that are free and really impressed, you can adjust many parameters and results are pretty good.

It seems that a lot of the quality and functionality is in the paid voice packs themselves, in regards to the actual app - CPU efficiency, some tuning perks and ability to use it as a VST plugin is what you gain.

However… When researching the VST doesn’t seem all that great - it doesn’t adapt to tempo changes and you have to set the tempo yourself. But it would be nice to be able to route it via the Cubase channels - stick some reverb on etc.

I really wish there was a demo on the pro version so I could check, there’s not a great deal of info in English out there.

Solaria and the Pro version of the software is a bundle for around $160 via the site… Really tempting, but it all comes down to how well the VST works with Cubase for me… And how much better is the paid voice pack vs the lite… Arrggghhh! :slight_smile:

Solaria lite voice pack is available here if you wanted to try it:


Thanks, @skijumptoes .

Super useful post.

On my list to check out (the free Lite voice pack you linked to).

Appreciate it!

Hi… I find the SynthV Pro VST integration in Cubase quite useable. Tempo mapping works OK, some UI things missing such as preview note (such as in vocaloid) but overall it is worth it considering the quality and versatility afforded by Solaria. I have now finished four tunes using SynthV and will not be going back to Vocaloid any time soon.

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Ah ok, that’s promising.

Don’t suppose you know if there’s much difference in the lite version of Solaria and the full version? Just weighing up whether to test the water with a voice pack and use it with basic, or buy the pro version of the app and use it with lite soundpacks.

Just worried about the slippery slope of wanting Ken as well lol (I sound like Barbie now!) :slight_smile:

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Wish I could tell you… I purchased the pro version along with Solaria so that’s the extent of my experience. Well worth it in terms of fun and quality IMO.

One of my metrics for evaluating synth voices is how intelligible the words are when I listen with my eyes closed, without reading them on the youtube image of the DAW being used.

I found that some of Solaria’s songs had lyrics that were quite intelligible, but I couldn’t find any songs where *all the lyrics were completely intelligible. In some of her songs I could barely understand any of her lyrics.

(8) Erode - Synthesizer V SOLARIA Original Demo Song (Vocal Modes Update Demonstration) - YouTube

(8) 【SOLARIA】Still Into You【SynthVカバー】 - YouTube

Having said all that, I’m not great at understanding lyrics in some songs and song styles.

I could see using her as a female harmony to a “real” melody voice that has very clear lyrics.

I’m afraid if I used her as a soloist, I’d be the only one who understands her!

I’ll definitely demo and see.

Thanks again for the heads up, @cpechet !

Here’s one of my Solaria tracks… Quite open verses…

can u guide how to get purchase solaria,it sounds good

plz guide for its demo version …thank u…

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Look for the icon that says “Synthesizer V Get” and follow the prompts… You will see “Basic Edition” logo. Click that and follow along.

Since so much of this thread is about Synthesizer V, perhaps someone should change the thread title. @Sebastian_Dickinson can you edit your first post to add “Synthesizer V” to EmVoice in the title?

You get it from here:

And the “lite” (free) voice databasee are here:

The Solaria free voice download is linked higher up in this thread.

Just install the app, and when it’s running double click on those voice database installs and it will add them into the software.

You then just pick a voice, and create notes like you would MIDI in Cubase, and type the words required. But there’s also a bottom lane that you can expand, from here you can affect elements like vibrato, tension etc.

As the demo/standard version is only useable as a standalone app then you can load background/instrumental music as a track and then create the vocals on top - and export them out and into Cubase.