Enable Cmd-9 when inputting lyrics

First, I want to congratulate the whole team for the tremendous work you’ve done. I’m flabbergasted !

Several times this week, I have come across this little problem (not a priority, for sure), when inputting lyrics, on my laptop 15’ screen — expensive real estate ! If the right panel is open (because I happened to input something for which I do not know the keyboard shortcut…) and I am inputting lyrics, when I deal with the notes to the right of the screen, they are hidden, as well as the popover, by that panel, and now I have to exit lyric input mode to make cmd-9 work (or use the mouse to get rid of the panel by clicking on the right spot). Of course, another solution would be that the score would scroll (I’m in galley view) when the user is working on notes beyond the right panel. Just an idea for a next update :wink:

I just did a quick test (Mac) and the score did move to keep the lyrics in view, although I also tend to use the two-finger scroll option on the Mac trackpad to move the score and you can still do that when the lyrics popover is open.
Maybe in your case (more instruments?) this didn’t happen though?

And you have a 15’ monitor? That’s huge, no wonder it was expensive. Or maybe it’s 15" :wink:

Yes John, 15" :joy:
You made me laugh with my mistake, thank you
When I find that problem again, does it help if I make a little movie? Honestly I don’t think it is that important, only a little bit annoying.