Enable disabled "track instrument" when clicked

Say I have an orchestral template in Project window which is made out of Track Instrument tracks, all these tracks having specific VSTi’s assigned to them, and all these Track Instrument tracks are disabled in the template so that the template Project loads lightning fast every time it’s opened.

Now, I open my template. All Track Instrument tracks are disabled. Currently, with Cubase 8.5.x, I go to my desired Track Instrument track and - in order to play its sound - I need to Enable it.

My simple request is: make a Preferences item for “disabledTrack Instrument tracks using which I will be able to set whether I want to: “Automatically Enable disabled Track Instrument track when this track is selected.” (Default setting: off.)

Because if there is a disabled Track Instrument track in my project and I click on this track to select it, I obviously want to use this track, which means I need this track to be Enabled as soon as I click on it (of course, this is subject to how fast the assigned VSTi will load, but this goes with enabling the track in any case, so this is fine, we don’t need to concentrate on the aspect of the time of automatic loading VSTi when the disabled track is automatically enabled when clicked on).

The reason I stress this feature for disabled Track Instrument tracks is because if I click, say, on a disabled audio track or disabled MIDI track, I don’t necessarily need it to be automatically Enabled - I might just want to move that track into a folder track which contains tracks that I don’t need to use anymore in this particular project. BUT when it comes to Track Instrument tracks which are permanently used as parts of the big orchestral template, I need these tracks to turn On (become Enabled) as soon as I select any of them.

Again, very important: this has to be switchable in Cubase Preferences because there are times when I need to re-organize my template Track Instrument tracks within my template. And for that, I don’t need any of them (disabled Track Instrument tracks) to be Enabled every time I click on any of these tracks just in order to move (not use/edit/play/record) them to anywhere else in Project window.

Thank you!