Enable fast scrolling when moving tracks in the project window.

I saw this on another thread and realized how badly Cubase needs this. The problem: “You can’t scroll past the window borders to go super fast like you can in most other DAWs.”

Every single day, many, many times I have to sit there and wait significant amounts of time to move a track/channel/group/send a long way because Cubase (and Nuendo) is grandmotherly slow with how it handles this. In all other DAW’s I’ve used personally, when you drag a track past the edges of the window to move it somewhere else it goes into super fast scroll mode and/or is done more exponentially so that when you get to the end of the scrolling area it’s going super fast. I have projects with sometimes up to over 1,000 tracks, groups, sends, etc., to scroll through to move a track sometimes, and it’s painful to do when you want to work fast. This is an issue even on much, much smaller projects, too, like only 50. If you don’t get what I’m talking about, you will as soon as it’s implemented and you can move tracks/channels/groups/sends up and down long distances at warp speed instead of snail speed.

Please, please, please, please fix/do this for Cubase. Some people who use very small amounts of tracks wouldn’t need it, but Cubase should be software that’s as fast and efficient as other DAW’s in ways like this. :slight_smile:


Oh my god, yes please! Would make workflow in this area hugely faster and more efficient.