Enable global input transformer en masse


First time posting a query.

I have the BBCSO templates from Spitfire audio, and with my Midi controller I have created a global input transformer to enable me to use CC37-40 (faders on my midi keyboard) to control CC1, 11, 21, and 20 respectively (used throughout spitfire libraries for Dynamics, Expression, Vibrato and Variation - in FX).

I’d love to be able to enable global input transformer on all midi/instrument tracks without having to go through every track individually. Is this possible?



I don’t think this is possible. Wouldn’t it me faster to change your hardware to send CC1, 11, 21 and 20 all the time?

You made me look up the manual on my keyboard and my god have you saved me some time!

Hi, and welcome to the forums. I have had similar revelations from forum posters many times. Martin’s one of the real life savers here and there’s many other very knowledgeable users.

When time permits, consider adding information to the “signature” section of your profile. This will to make it easier for others to answer questions.

Good luck with your work.