Enable Group & Ungroup Dynamics in Engrave Mode?

When I’m doing engraving work, I often need to position individual dynamics markings. Since they often are grouped, I need to ungroup them to do so, but I need to change to Write Mode and then back to Engraving Mode. This happens a lot in each project I make.

Is there any good reason not to have the option to group and ungroup dynamics in Engrave Mode? It would save quite a lot of tedious work if that were not the case.

P.S.- When I select one of more than two grouped dynamics markings and select Ungroup Dynamics, the other ones are still grouped together. Is there a shortcut to ungroup them all or do I have to select them all (or all but one) one by one?

The reason, I assume, is because grouping has a semantic function, not purely graphical. I agree it would be nice.

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I wonder if there were a setting where multiple dynamic markings placed in one click would not automatically group. That would save a lot of work.

+1 I usually have two windows open, one in write and one in engrave, when I’m cleaning up dynamics.

@dandaiuto That would be nice, but not really viable with one single small screen.

For those struggling with unwanted linking and grouping, there is a preference you can set:
Schermafbeelding 2021-11-23 om 15.09.11

Dorico menu ⟶ Preferences ⟶ Note Input and Editing
In my experience, this makes quite a difference already.

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@PjotrB Great tip, thanks!

Yes, I think there’s a little confusion here between grouping and linking. Grouping is horizontal and is almost always desirable. It aligns dynamics and gives consistent behavior between hairpins and immediate dynamics.

Linking is vertical: dynamics on different staves can be edited and moved as one unit.

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