Enable read automation for tracks that only have automation data?

How do I enable read automation for all the tracks that contain automation but whilst leaving read automation off on all other tracks that contain no automation?

In the Project Window and the Mixer each channel/track has an “R” button for Read Automation and a “W” for Write Automation.

Thanks for the reply but sadly that just turns read automation on for all tracks

No, it doesn’t.
Do you see the R and W buttons on the individual TRACKS?

I’m looking for a way to do this with one button click / a shortcut key, for all tracks.

Read/Write Buttons

In the upper part of the Automation Panel, you will find the Read and Write buttons. These are used to globally enable or disable Read and Write on all tracks.

  • To enable all Read buttons on all tracks/channels of your project, click Activate Read for all tracks.
  • To disable all Read buttons, click Deactivate Read for all tracks.
  • To enable all Write buttons and, at the same time, all Read buttons on all tracks/channels of your project, click Activate Write for all tracks.
  • To disable all Write buttons, click Deactivate Write for all tracks. The Read buttons will remain enabled.

Hi, sorry, this isn’t what I’m looking for.

Look through the Key Commands Dialog, and the Automation Panel for functions that select all tracks with automation.

I did have a look but could not find what I am looking for :frowning:

Cubase 12 can do it, select tracks with automation, then filter for media type of automation, with parent is selected.

Here it is. A little brutal to share PLE presets that branch out to other presets, but:

Pre Commands:

  1. Select All Tracks

  2. Key command, Show Used Automation for Selected Tracks

  3. Select All Tracks Again, since the automation lanes are not selected the first time.


Disable Read For All Tracks

Post Command:

(Thanks, steve!)

Works here, from what I’ve tested.

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And for Cubase 11 Pro?

Did it with a macro instead.
Select All Tracks is not different than the above.

I can’t find the “Process Project Logical Editor - Select Just Automation Lanes” ?

You have to make it yourself. Use the screenshot above, and build the preset.


Container Type Is | Equal | Track | AND
Media Type is | Equal | Automation

Function: Select

Save this by clicking on the “Dog-eared Page with + in it” next to the title where it says “Select Just Automation Lanes”.

You have to do the same for the Select All Tracks PLE preset.

Once you have those presets saved, you will build the macro and choose the commands one by one. Those PLE presets you saved will be under the category “Process Project Logial Editor”

Ok, on this, I tried this but it’s also selecting group tracks and fx tracks, even though they have no automation :

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I didn’t test for that. Bug no. 1. :smiley:

You can add some more filters then:

Container | Equal | Track | AND
Media | Equal | Automation | AND
Name | Contains Not | FX | AND
Name | Contains Not | Group | AND
Name | Contains Not | VCA Link

Or, you could hide those Group, FX, VCA tracks beforehand and use a Property | Is not Set | Is Hidden filter for the rest. Of course, you’d need to build another PLE preset for this.

Edit 1: The reason why they are showing, is because they’re kind of TRUE automation tracks. Their data consists of a volume automation lane.

Edit 2: With 12, the “parent track” filter would be much help here.

“Name” just refers to the given track name, right? So FX and Group channel names might not contain those words or any common word (like bus) … and the other thing is, this would need to work for any group or fx channels that do happen to have automation. :confused:

I know. There are even more ways to tackle this. Say, use a specific color for Group tracks, and filter out the tracks using that color. Another specific color for FX, another for VCA.

I wish we could do whatever we wanted with the PLE, and have variables and persistent presets that would be active without us having to run them, but we have to work with what we have. So, we punch Cubase once, it punches back, we fight a bit, we settle on a middle ground regarding our needs vs what’s currently feasible.

Plus, another user might just pop up any minute now and give us a solution that just didn’t cross my mind. :smiley:

Edit: Or just use the Media | Not Equal | Group/VCA/Effect that I see exists on 12 just now. Duh. :laughing: Is it there on 11? I’m not at my main PC right now.

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Yeah, problem with that is when there is actual automation on those group/vca/effect tracks.

My head aches :frowning:

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