Enable uncluttering the UI

In Waveform using the UI manager it is possible to hide parts of UI and save the settings in templates. Don’t know which way it should be implemented in Cubase but it would be great to see only the menu items I favor and get rid of almost everything on screen except the tracks. See

That’s a premium feature of Nuendo…

Never used Nuendo, but does a comparison table exist where you can see the detailed differences between their features?


Mmmh, looking at this comparison Nuendo seems to be better in every aspect. Always thought it is just “better” for video stuff?
Why should a feature like uncluttering the UI only for Nuendo?

Because it’s a desirable feature, and maybe also because Nuendo has many more menu items?

Great logic! Let’s remove all the features of Nuendo from Cubase!

Since you mention logic, I’ll point out that your response is a Straw Man fallacy. :wink:

Nuendo costs more, so features in it that are not in its less expensive brother presumably add value.

So we don’t have 2 different programs, we have either “Cubase Pro” and “Cubase Super Pro” or “Cheap Nuendo” and “Nuendo”. great.

And “nothing comes for free”. nice.

live with it.


Yeah but Cubase is officially Steinbergs product for audio/recordig/mixing/engineers/producers and everything in between.

and Nuendo: “As the most advanced audio post-production solution available, Nuendo is the choice of film, TV, game audio and immersive sound …”

Its okay Nuendo costs more, because it adds APIs to film/tv/games. I would not see Cubase as its little brother though.
They are different tools for different things and branches, at least thats what Steinberg tells its customers.

What is Steinbergs plan in doing such things? Both programs share the same UI, so why not adding that to Cubase? As long as the core features of Nuendo dont overlap on Cubase, whats the problem?

You really could misinterpret your answer as “well get Nuendo if you want that.”
But I purchased Cubase pro, because Steinberg said thats the ultimative music production suite.

That would be a really bad move from Steinberg if they’d treat Cubase Pro as a “downgrade” from Nuendo.

I am just thinking out loud.