Enabled Instrument's MIDI tracks sometimes forget connection...

Midi tracks sometimes forget what instrument they were connected to when enabling and disabling it’s designated instrument track. When it forgets it indicates as if the routing is missing and I need to reassign it to the correct instrument track. This seems random as a lot of the time it forgets, a lot of the time it remembers. Anybody else? Any fix? Thank you!


Yes, there are some known and reported issues in this area.

for info - https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=943255#p943255

It’s not random, it depends on the order they are enabled. It happens because Cubase change the ID of the plugin whenever is disconnected. So if you have VST 1. Kontakt, 2. Sine Player, 3. Labs; disable all three and then you enable first Sine, then Kontakt and finally Labs, you will get the order 1. Sine Player, 2. Kontakt and 3. Labs and your MIDI tracks connected to Kontakt and Sine Player will be “missing”, whereas the ones connected with Labs will work as intended. At least, this is what I think it happens.

In practice, this problem renders the whole enable/disable thing almost useless. And this happens since they invented it… They know, but they don’t solve it (I guess they would have to change all the VST ID thing, which would be A LOT OF work).