Enabling MIDI clock out causes intermittent note on delay

I’m having the strangest problem; perhaps someone can shed some light on this, because I’m flummoxed: if I go into Synchronization Setup and enable MIDI clock out on the port that goes to my Novation Peak (I have a MIDISport 4x4 Anniversary Edition that I’m using), after a while there will be a very significant note-on delay from the Peak. If I open the setup again and toggle MIDI out for that port to off, it immediately goes away. If I toggle it back on, it’ll come right back!

Going into the MIDI device setup and toggling the system timestamp boxes a couple times seems to revert it back to normal, but it seems that launching an app like Chrome will trip it and cause it to start happening again when it hasn’t been for a while.

I’ve caught it going from normal to delayed just by using my expression pedal to control filter cutoff as I play. It will sometimes just appear without me doing anything, as long as Cubase is sending MIDI clock.

This is driving me up the wall… if anyone has any ideas as to why this may be happening, I’d love to hear them! It’s kind of amazing that in 2018 MIDI, a technology from 1984, is still so hard to keep stable. I don’t know if this is the Windows MIDI stack or what. I’m using the DirectMusic ports on the MIDISport, as I disabled the Windows MIDI ones while troubleshooting a different issue with a DSI Rev2 (which I had to send back as hung notes would reliably crash the synth’s OS!) If anyone can remember how to re-enable the Windows MIDI ports on the MIDI interface, please remind me… I’ve totally forgotten how I did that!

I’m convinced I’m hitting this: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=43384

I’m going to try the uninstall-reinstall of the Anniversary Edition drivers and try a different USB port. I’ll report back.