Enabling one button recording

I like having Cubase set up so that I can start recording by just pressing the record button rather than the two step process of first enabling record mode by pressing that button, then starting the recording by pressing the play button.

I have a collection of projects that have been created with different versions of Cubase ranging from 7 through 9. I don’t know if that’s a factor or not, but some of them work with just the record button press, others require the two button press method.

I’ve been back and forth through the manual and can’t seem to find this option. I’ve checked recording, project and transport sections as well as just doing a search in the pdf document, but no joy.

Can anyone point me to the option for enabling one button recording? You’d think since I get different results depending on which project I open it would be a project setting, but I’m just not seeing it.

Well, the main options you use are the auto-arm, which arm’s any channel you’ve selected.
If you don’t want that method then simply arm the channel you have to arm any channel you want. If you want you can then save as template to open automatically, too.

I appreciate the thought, but I’m not talking about arming for record.

There’s a setting somewhere that lets you start the recording by simply pushing the record button rather than having to first push the record button, then push play. It works on some of projects, others require the two button method.

Is sync enabled on the problematic projects?

That was dead on the money! And something I never even thought to check.

I recently did a refit in the studio and pulled the Mackie HDR unit. I used to sync between that and Cubase, and some of the projects still had sync enabled. The newer ones didn’t. Unchecked sync and I’m back to one button record.

Thanks for the help, man. That was driving me crazy.