Enclosed box for instrument changes

i’m used to use enclosed boxes for instrument changes.
I can’t find options to enclose instrument changes while there’s an option in the properties panel for other system texts.

Any idea ?

Maybe a feature request for a next version

This isn’t currently possible, but is on our wish list for future versions.

For what it’s worth, I often use boxed text to indicate percussion changes; but for instruments like flute/piccolo, I don’t use boxes. So for me, anyway, it would be ideal to be able to combine both in a single flow.

It would also be great to have the option to have ‘to’ all in lowercase, and the instrument name in uppercase. Also, to have the option to have the short name following the warning label, but the full name for the actual new instrument, all boxed (or not!):

to Fl.

You can at least change the labels if you want to make them all lower case, and indeed if you wish you can override the whole text in Engrave mode via Properties if you want to force the instrument name to be upper case, but there’s no built-in feature for this at the moment.

Of the two billion+ things planned for v3, is an option for boxed text for percussion changes one of them?

(by request, I have to have boxed text for all percussion changes; I’m about to hide all percussion change text by putting a blank space in Custom text and Hiding the prefix, and then putting text objects in instead - is this the only way?! - … and ugh… what a way to uglify - text objects don’t have a the best default placement behaviour - my beautiful Dorico score…)

I can’t say what is and is not planned for the next version in detail, but this is on the backlog.